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The Case of the Missing Manatee

Hello Gumshoe, 


I need your help. Butterball the manatee is missing.


Some background on Butterball: He’s an Amazonian manatee and beloved by all our guests. The aquarium superintendent mentioned he received a ransom note so we know Butterball is being cared for. 


I’ve done some initial investigating and have narrowed it down to seven suspects, all of whom are connected to the aquarium. We know these seven previously met and stealing from the aquarium came up in conversation, and luckily we have a recording of this encounter. 


There are other clues all over the academy, and when you find one, you’ll scan the QR code to receive the clue on your phone.


Use the clues to decide which of the seven suspects is the culprit and return here to me and I’ll check your work. The first 25 people with the correct answer will be receiving a small token of my appreciation. 

Image of 1920s font saying "Here are our suspects"
7 People Assembled in a Candlelit Room on Montgomery Street

And we found the recording.


Click the player below to listen to the recording or to download the transcript CLICK HERE.

Solve the riddles to find the clue locations.
It’s night life! Can you hear the grainy Cochran frog through the dome?
Robin Williams. Presidio.
I swing back and forth and “bob” knocks down the pegs.
Around the world and across the eons.
Perpetually ready for the black and white ball, our yell is better suited for a territorial brawl.
See ya later — !
In a while,
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