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Everything you Need to Know



As your guests arrive, the actor(s) casts them as characters in the show. We learn the rules of the game, and introduce all the character suspects during the first act. Somebody will "die" at the end of the act, setting off investigation time, where all the guests ask each other questions to try to get clues to solve the murder. The actor(s) will start the second act and question suspects before we have a second investigation time.  During act three, an actor will once again question suspects, making sure all the clues to solve the murder have come out, and then will pass out sheets to allow your guests to make their best guess as to "whodunit." At the end of the show the actor will hand out awards based on who solved the crime. 



Shows run about 1.5 to 2 hours and our actor(s) would need to arrive about an hour ahead of guest arrival to set up for the show. As a traveling entertainment company, we travel to wherever you would like the show performed. We recommend there being enough room for your guests to sit down during the acts, and to move around during investigation times, but we don't require anything specific for a show to occur. 

We do recommend the show be done around a meal - with act 1 being appetizers, act 2 being the main course, and act three dessert. This can be anything from catering, your favourite restaurant food or even just your favourite local take away.

We alter how long everything takes based on the needs of the show - so if your group needs more time to eat in the second act - if you are having a meal, that act will be longer than a group who is not doing the show around a meal. 



We don't tell anyone ahead of time who the murderer is - it's not written anywhere, so that everyone (especially you!) has an equal opportunity to solve the crime. Guests must piece together what motive and opportunity they think is most plausible. For guests who are also characters in the show we provide everything they need to know in the character binders. There is nothing for them to prepare or memorize - even your most introverted guests can choose just to read directly from their binder if they want. 

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Four out of five Detectives* recommend The Clue Collective's murder mystery shows

*please note these Detectives are fictional, of our own creation and some appear in our shows

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