When a billionaire is murdered at Frankie's speakeasy, it's up to you to solve the mystery. Dive into the roaring twenties and immerse yourself in the hilarious and seedy underbelly of moonshine and flappers! (Learn more.

Welcome to a lavish (and deadly) masquerade ball. Tonight is the charity benefit for Orphans Feeding Orphans, and everyone loves an orphan. And everyone is dressed to kill. (Learn more.)

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Current Shows

June Fondue's new fitness video "We Can Work It Out" hits the shelves tomorrow. Everyone is here to celebrate, and it's going to be a killer event. Get amped for a deadly cool 80s murder mystery! (Learn more.)



A thief has stolen your pirate treasure! It is up to your crew to follow a series of mysterious clues to find the missing fortune. This children's mystery show is fun for all ages.​ (Learn more.)

Is murder too much? We've turned our Murder at the Masquerade show into a diamond heist! Join us at the fundraiser for Diamonds for Dolphins, where the Hope Diamond will be displayed. But just before the festivities begin, it goes missing, and it's up to you to catch the thief! (Learn more.)