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Celebrate Small Business Saturday with a Discount!

Today we celebrate Small Business Saturday! Here are our top five reasons to book a murder mystery show.

1. You like discounts on fun things.

Today, if you go to our website and inquire about a show with the code SMALLBIZSAT, you'll get 15% off that show.

2. You prefer experiences over material goods.

Get your friends together to dress up in fantastic costumes, take pictures, and play fun characters! We work with you to create an unforgettable event, where your guests get to puzzle over clues, accuse each other of horrendous crimes, enjoy a hilarious show, and, of course, attempt to solve a murder.

3. Acting out an elaborate death scene might be your jam.

If you've always wanted to pretend to die in elaborate fashion, we've got you covered. We can't tell you in advance which character dies, but we promise you someone will, and it could be you! If you were lucky enough to be murdered, once you've kicked the bucket you'll later rejoin the party as a "late" guest. Once you've been reintroduced to all of your friends and acquaintances, you'll attempt to solve the murder of your former self. And we'll make sure your brilliant acting gets the big round of applause it deserves.

4. You read mysteries or watch crime shows, and know that you'd be a great detective.

Try your hand at solving a murder mystery without anyone having to actually die! We stage crime dramas in your home, workplace, restaurant, backyard, boat--wherever there is room for someone to pretend to get shot, stabbed or poisoned. After the fake murder, you and your guests will go hunting for clues in order to find out whodunit. Was it the shady bootlegging cop or was it the adventurer recently returned from Zanzibar? The Southern debutante or the washed up starlet? Get caught up in the twists and turns of an unfolding murder mystery in which you and your guests play all the pivotal roles.

5. You live in the Bay Area.

We are a local, Bay Area based company. We are active in our community: we throw murder mystery parties from San Francisco to San Jose. Small business Saturday is all about supporting your local businesses like us!

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