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Elevate Your Murder Mystery Party

Tips for Captivating Decorations

Are you looking for ways to take your murder mystery party to the next level? The right decorations can transport your guests to a world of mystery, glamour, and excitement. If you choose our lavish package, our expert team will take care of all your masquerade elegance, 1920s pizzazz and 80s fluorescence, ensuring a visually stunning experience for you and your guests. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can focus on enjoying the party without worrying about the setup.

But we know our decorations aren't for everyone and you might be looking for a specific vision. In this post, we'll share some valuable tips to help you create an unforgettable ambiance for your event.

Masquerade Magic:

If Murder at the Masquerade or Diamonds for Dolphins take your fancy, set the stage with opulent decorations. Incorporate rich colors like deep purples, shimmering golds, and mysterious blacks. Adorn your space with elegant masks, feathered centerpieces, and add that touch of Phantom of the Opera with flickering candles. Create a photo booth area with a luxurious backdrop and an assortment of masquerade masks for your guests to enjoy.

Roaring 20s Extravaganza

Transport your guests to the era of flappers and gangsters with a 1920s themed murder mystery party. Use Art Deco-inspired decor, such as geometric patterns, gold accents, and vintage-inspired signage. Enhance the atmosphere with strings of pearls, feather boas, and vintage photographs. Framed at the Fix takes place in a speakeasy, add a vintage bar area for added authenticity.

Totally 80s Fun

If you're looking at Video Killed the Spandex Star, embrace bold and vibrant colors. Think neon, geometric shapes, and iconic 80s symbols like Rubik's cubes and cassette tapes. Create a nostalgic setting with arcade game props, a dance floor with a colorful disco ball, and retro movie posters. Don't forget the iconic 80s fashion accessories like leg warmers, oversized sunglasses, and bright headbands.

Whether it's a masquerade, a 1920s extravaganza, or an 1980s blast from the past, decorations will elevate your murder mystery party to new heights. Let us handle the intricate details while you relax and immerse yourself in the thrilling adventure.


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