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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

a group of four women and two men, one of the women is asian one of the men has darker skin, everyone else is white, are sitting around a table outside having a dinner party. one of the women is standing up giving a speech underneath the sparkly lights, everyone is laughing.

Are you ready to step into the thrilling world of mystery and intrigue?

Hosting a murder mystery party can be an exciting and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Whether you're planning a private party, corporate event, or team-building activity, the Clue Collective is here to help you make it an event to remember.

To ensure your murder mystery party is a smashing success, here are six tips we’ve discovered over the years that will take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Choose the Perfect Theme

Select a captivating theme that will transport your guests to another time or place. Whether it's the Roaring Twenties, the tubular 80’s or a modern day masquerade, one of our well-chosen themes sets the stage for an immersive experience.

2. Select the Perfect Venue

You’ll need enough space for everyone to sit (the show might run for 2 hours and we don’t want to make everyone stand the whole time) as well as enough space for everyone to mingle and ask each other questions. Whether you want to host your murder mystery in your living room, your office or your favorite restaurant, as a traveling entertainment company we come to you! Not only does this mean you can pick the perfect location to match your chosen theme, but you can also pick somewhere you’re most comfortable with - no need to worry about arriving at the show on time when it’s in your own living room!

3. Organize your Favorite Food

Have the perfect restaurant in mind? Want to create an elaborate meal matching the theme and time period? Feel like having a caterer plan the meal for you or just feel like ordering take out? With our murder mystery shows the food is under your control. We recommend having three courses, one meal per act, but our professional actors can fine tune the show to match whatever food you’ve organized, that way you’re free to live out your finger food and cocktail masquerade murder of your dreams.

4. Let your Guests Know

There’s nothing worse than having guests who just don’t want to play. Make sure everyone attending knows they're turning up to a murder and that we’ll need their help to solve it. If your introverted friends are worried, the script is right in their hands and they can read directly from it word for word (as a fellow introvert I can promise you it’s much easier than it feels).

5. Encourage Dressing the Part

Encourage guests to dress up in accordance with the theme and their assigned characters. Whether you’re dressing for the Orphans for Orphans Masquerade benefit or dressing to impress for the premier of June Fondue's new fitness video - the right costumes will enhance the overall ambiance and could win you our “Best Dressed” award.

6. Hire Us!

We put the mystery back into your murder mystery party! For most do-it-yourself boxed murder mystery sets, as the host you end up knowing who the murderer is, and after that, is it really any fun for you? When you hire us we take care of all of that. Not only do you not know who the murderer is, but neither does the murderer, that way they get to have just as much fun trying to solve the mystery as everyone else.

Hosting a murder mystery party is an exhilarating way to entertain your guests and create lasting memories. With these 6 tips, and our help, you'll be well-equipped to host the best murder mystery party imaginable.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you plan and execute the perfect murder mystery party for your upcoming event. Get ready to uncover the clues and immerse yourself in a performance that will leave your guests begging for an encore!


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