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Discount in honor of National Small Business Week!

Today marks the beginning of Small Business Week. For over 60 years, boutique businesses such as ours have been honored April 29 through May 5. This week, we're giving back to our customers for their support. You are the bedrock of our enterprise. Because our murder mystery shows are immersive and interactive, we're delighted that we get to meet each and every single one of our guests. This is one of the best parts of performing. By getting rid of the stage, we get to connect with our audiences face to face. We couldn't be in business without you, so we created a special discount just for you: use code SmallBizWeek through May 5th to get 10% off your next murder mystery show!

We love doing our shows, and hope you'll join us for our next performance. And this week, be sure to support other small businesses in your community! We couldn't be in business without you.

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