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Make Your Own Murder Mystery Suspects

The winning boss-on-a-stick

Are you the type of person who goes all out for your murder mystery party? You bring a magnifying glass. You dust for fingerprints. You dress up like Sherlock Holmes. But there exists, in the realm of those dedicated to mystery, a step beyond.

We recently performed our 1920s murder mystery Framed at the Fix for a company party The guests arrived in suits and flapper dresses. Little paper men on sticks followed the audience into the private restaurant room (the little felllows were also decked out in full 1920s costume). These pint-sized fellows were cutouts of the company boss Bill, who had to skip the show due to an emergency. But these employees didn't want their boss to miss the fun.

The best detectives had received their awards, and we had taken our final bow. Soon after the applause for the top sleuths died down, an executive revealed the winner of the company's own contest. Each group's boss-on-a-stick was judged (via texting) by Bill himself for "likeness." The prize was a donation to the winning team's charity. When the victor was announced, a second wave of applause filled the room. The winning mini Bill sported a red velvet shirt and pocket watch (shown above). It was the feather in the hat that clinched the team's victory.

Runner up boss-on-a-stick

A runner up was another Bill surrounded by flappers (left). This little boss wore a big red rose and sleeve garters: he completely embodied the show's character Frankie, who owns the speakeasy. (Frankie was coincidentally played by a team member who helped create this Bill-on-a-stick.) We're particularly fond of the red patent-leather shoes.

This murder mystery show's audience was a delight to perform for. We love it when guests bring their own special flare to the mystery!

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